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Add "notification_way" for contacts


Contacts raise commands for all same time. But you do nto raise SMS like email, so you must duplicate contacts. That's stupid.

A notification_way is :

Like contacts, but more modular.

If a contact also definie theses parameters, it create internally a notification_way and add it in contact.notification_ways.... more »
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Modules for Arbiter (configuration load and inputs)

Modules for Arbiter (configuration load and inputs)



We need modules for Arbiter :

*load configuration :

**still flat file

**XML load (just a simple define )

**Database loading (Centreon? Another one?)


*get external commands :

**Still named pipe (so NO Windows.. :( )

**REST interface



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The first is a maintenance window. I heard from several people, they reboot

machines in regular intervals (i have a customer for example, who reboots
citrix terminal server every saturday at 02:00, other companies for example
use saturday afternoon to install patches, rearrange network cables etc.)
What they do is to set a notification_interval, so... more »