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Check_XX tools to use Shinken on windows hosts


I am using Shinken on a Windows 2008 R2 host. After some settings it is working now, but to use the check_xx commands, i had to compile the source code with CYGWIN or some other 'unix subsystem'. This was done but, again, some check_ modules cannot compile under Windows even if the cygwin is working...
Do you think that it makes sense to fork the check_xx command to 'pure' windows tools (same input/output) ? I think... more »
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Windows port of Check_wmi_plus.pl


I suggest to work on a port of check_wmi_plus.pl to windows (not to manage windows but to be used on a Windows shinken host). As the actual check_wmi_plus.pl use WMIC on linux, i suggest to write a new script using all windows tools (WMI of course, but also powershell or vbscript - i strongly prefer powershell - to have the same input/output as check_wmi_plus.pl. By this way, the templates will be directly useable... more »
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Deploy plugins to poller from arbiter

Is that possible to deploy new "command" and plugin/script to a set of poller from the arbiter ?

Example :
- I develop a script called "check_bidule.sh" on the Arbiter
- I add this to available command as "check_bidule"
- I list in the command definition on which poller should the script be deployed
- The Arbiter send the script when sending conf to poller

In the Command definition we can many keyword :... more »


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$KEY$ with multi-values

It would be great if something like this was possible (in order to have very flexible host-template) :

define {
name my_wonderful_template
register 0

# Default value of the key (but value is a list)
_mykey [ "index.php", "http://$HOSTADDRESS$", "REGEX", "2"],

define service {
# We can use any item of the key.
service_description test on $KEY[0]$
register 0... more »
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Shinken-Pollers for opencloud webserver monitoring?

pls clarify, Can Pollers (running webinject) request http/https urls periodcally (say, every 5 minutes) to Webservers( with app and DB servers/tiers behind them) hosted in opencloud or vendor cloud....and send collected data back to shinken app server...which is hosted inside enterprise DC?

If someone can confirm having used shinken-pollers combination working the way noted above - pls inform. Or if there is an alternate... more »


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Create multiple instance of deamon on same server

I suggest you provide a script that helps creating and configuring new instance of deamon on same server.


The script should :

- create ini file

- rc.d script

- duplicate deamon lauch script ...


the script should take as argument (non exhaustive) :

- Deamon to duplicate

- Port of new daemon

- Name to be happen to daemon name (ie poller-second ...)


This script should work on any OS already supported.