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New type of Windows installation process of shinken

Hi, I'm working on a full integrated installation for Windows,
including more control on python processes for the services (not using srvany),
but using .NET services installations.
a XML conf file is already used for each service and for the moment a small UI is designed to change the configurations.
The installation will be done using InstallShield, each service as a feature so with the choice to install only one service... more »
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Module to calculate rate over time

Today's plugins must use a custom solution to do rate calculation, there's no readily available API for checking against the latest results.

The most common way of doing this, is to store to a file on disk, this is heavily I/O intensive when there's 1000's of checks a minute doing this.

Suggestion: Create an API to graphite, via a few extra paramters, either available externally or handled inside shinken, allow for... more »


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CDP - LLDP - Discovery and visualization

SNMP::Info can gives us the neighbourhood of CDP/LLDP hosts.
This kind of discovery should be real faster than nmap to track existing hosts.

Then, when could populate a field called "neighbours" in the hosts. The field would not be used the reachability function, but only in the maps. Using only parent-child relationship is not enough to draw a map of the network.

Using the js thejit toolkit, already used in the "dependancy"... more »
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Adaptive threshold


Adjust thresholds is just boring and can take times to adjust a new behavior that make obsolete old thresholds.
Why not having adaptive thresholds ? Via a directive, you specify a number of occurrences that make shinken takes the significant thresholds. Or just provides different level of adaptive choices : low, medium, high with predefined parameter.

Or takes metrics average and calculates its thresholds with a... more »