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Wrong Nagios repository URL

Could it be possible to update the Nagios Plugins URL in the automated installation script ?


This one is no longer avalaible:



The good one is:



Thanks !

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Put downtime on bp_rules linked to a host/service

When setting a downtime on a host or service I could be useful to have an option to deploy this downtime on all the bp_rules attached to this particular object.

For example, you need to reinstall a server so you set up a downtime on this host and see from the bp_rules that 3 applications will be impacted (should be seen in webui) so you decide to deploy the downtime on these as well to avoid wrong notifications and let... more »
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Calculation or processing string in MACRO

I would like to add a processing string to my macro:
- basic mathematic operation ( +,- ....)
- substring
- etc ....

define service {
service_description SUPERSERVICE..................
check_command check_super_service!($_HOSTVAR1$-$_VAR2$)

**** other example with _HOSTWEBSITE=myapps.dev.enterprise.org:

define service {
service_description WEBSITE substr($_HOSTWEBSITE$,.) ; i just want hostname... more »
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Table in custom MACRO

I suggest creating a sub-table for duplicate_foreach.
Exemple with a list of web virtual host service that need a vitualhost name and uri:

define host {
name webserver
_WEB_SITES {www.toto.com,/page1.html},{www.pouet.com,/login.php}

define service{
service_description WebSite $KEY[0]$
use generic-service
register 0
host_name... more »
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Enhanced Inheritance : Overwrite service properties in host

This one is a bit touchy but I think we can do crazy stuff :

Use case :

- tpl-1 with service-1-a, service-1-b
- tpl-2 with service-2-a, service-2-b
- host-A uses tpl-1 and tpl-2
- host-B uses tpl-1 and tpl-2

It would be great if we can do this in the host-A definition

"service-2-a".retry_interval 4
"service-1-b".business_impact 5

This would change services properties in Host-A wihtout changing... more »
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Create multiple instance of deamon on same server

I suggest you provide a script that helps creating and configuring new instance of deamon on same server.


The script should :

- create ini file

- rc.d script

- duplicate deamon lauch script ...


the script should take as argument (non exhaustive) :

- Deamon to duplicate

- Port of new daemon

- Name to be happen to daemon name (ie poller-second ...)


This script should work on any OS already supported.

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$KEY$ with multi-values

It would be great if something like this was possible (in order to have very flexible host-template) :

define {
name my_wonderful_template
register 0

# Default value of the key (but value is a list)
_mykey [ "index.php", "http://$HOSTADDRESS$", "REGEX", "2"],

define service {
# We can use any item of the key.
service_description test on $KEY[0]$
register 0... more »