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WebUI - web 2.0 live search for filtering data.

Provide a simple input box for filtering displayed data based on a google search type. As each character is input, the visual output is modified, or at a minimum a dropdown/floating list of matches is displayed. This list would be purely informational and limited in size. Limit the floating list to 15 matches and add a wildcard at the end to indicate there are more matches than can be displayed.

Once the user hits enter,... more »
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Add "entity" for webui filtering

In the UI it can be good to have different "group of things" that can be good to display and aggregate.

Some will want to show some geographic dispatch, other want a technical view, other business elements.

So with the entities, we can have :
* realm and poller_tag : geographic separation
* hostgroups/servicegroups : technical ones
* template : technical one too

So in a dashboard, the user can choose between "entities"... more »
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Configuration via WebUI

I suggest exposing some configuration items to be modified via the WebUI.

- Correlation rules

- WebUI session options

- Hosts and their properties

- Services and their properties


Any changes need to be checked for validity prior to commiting to the configuration.

Any changes done to the configuration need to be consigned to an audit log.


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