Enhanced Inheritance : Overwrite service properties in host

This one is a bit touchy but I think we can do crazy stuff :


Use case :


- tpl-1 with service-1-a, service-1-b

- tpl-2 with service-2-a, service-2-b

- host-A uses tpl-1 and tpl-2

- host-B uses tpl-1 and tpl-2


It would be great if we can do this in the host-A definition


"service-2-a".retry_interval 4

"service-1-b".business_impact 5



This would change services properties in Host-A wihtout changing things in host-B



If we can overwritte properties like this, we can overload existing packs without touching them.


Packs delivered by shinken would be "root" packs that are the moist generic


You can then create custom packs that overwrite existing packs properties


Here are some ideas that we can use this feature :


- I want all my linux servers to use "linux" packs, but I don't want notification for one host for Cpu only :

-- In the host definition I add : Cpu.notification_enabled 0

- I want all my linux servers (in Datacenter 1) to use "linux" "top-for-business" packs, but I don't want Ram to be business critical for all (or sorme) servers :

-- I create a new tpl which use linux

-- In this tpl : "ram".business_impact 2

-- Make my hosts in DC-1 use this new templates

-- All others linux in others DC will remain unchanged


By the way, Macros are still usefull.


I hope my explanations are clear enough !


But this feature will help a lot in being more specific (to asnwer our managers doubts !!!)


Idea No. 123