Bidirectional connexions capabilities


For users, they cannot open a port from the Arbiter to the satellites, because they are in the customer site, and the customer do not want someone to take the control of it's process.

So the satellites must know how to get conf from the Arbiter if configured like it.


Implementation :

Instead of put_conf to socket, the Arbiter "put the conf" in memory, in standby mode, if the node do not take it (the satellites ask every N second for conf), we say the node as dead, and we put the conf to another one like classic dispatching.


so the satellites need an optional call in they main loop : get from arbiter. But So they need to be put in schedulerd.cfg, etc in passive mode, and so have the Arbiter address!


It should be not so hard in fact. The major part is in the dispatching function in dispatcher (more factorization code in view..).



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