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Configuration via WebUI

I suggest exposing some configuration items to be modified via the WebUI.

- Correlation rules

- WebUI session options

- Hosts and their properties

- Services and their properties


Any changes need to be checked for validity prior to commiting to the configuration.

Any changes done to the configuration need to be consigned to an audit log.


33 votes


Bidirectional connexions capabilities

https://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/shinken/ticket/67 For users, they cannot open a port from the Arbiter to the satellites, because they are in the customer site, and the customer do not want someone to take the control of it's process. So the satellites must know how to get conf from the Arbiter if configured like it. Implementation : Instead of put_conf to socket, the Arbiter "put the conf" in memory, in standby mode, ...more »


13 votes


User profiles

I would suggest having user profiles that are stored across sessions. This user profile can have a default setting and also remember things like: Dashboard entity groups selections, list of links in main dashboard.

Roles should be assigned to users.


11 votes


Add "criticity" to hosts and services

With only warning/critical, we can't really know what to fix first. We need to haev a way to "tag" hosts and/or services with a criticity indicator.


Just an int between 0 (I nearly don't care about it) to 5 (if it fall, I lose my job!).


So UI can print "problems" by taking this into account (order by impacts criticity).


10 votes