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Configuration via WebUI

I suggest exposing some configuration items to be modified via the WebUI.

- Correlation rules

- WebUI session options

- Hosts and their properties

- Services and their properties


Any changes need to be checked for validity prior to commiting to the configuration.

Any changes done to the configuration need to be consigned to an audit log.

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Module to calculate rate over time

Today's plugins must use a custom solution to do rate calculation, there's no readily available API for checking against the latest results. The most common way of doing this, is to store to a file on disk, this is heavily I/O intensive when there's 1000's of checks a minute doing this. Suggestion: Create an API to graphite, via a few extra paramters, either available externally or handled inside shinken, allow for ...more »

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"Correlator" object, to match some output/status criterias

Got an object that will be able to "match" things like :

* string in output

* values in parfdata


and so raise status or actions.


A bit like Zabbix triggers.

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